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A jaunt to Zaanse Schans

June 7, 2012

I recently noticed that for the past few months I’ve been replying to the question, “so how long will you be an au pair for” with “oh, about eight more months.”  When I actually sat down to do the math, I realized I in fact only have six months left.  Losing those two months in my consciousness shook me awake a little bit.  I’ve been reminiscing over my past adventures during these nine months and wondering if I’ll still remember how to pay bills after 15 months of not doing so.

In the reminiscing department, here’s a jaunt I took to Zaanse Schans a few months ago- back when I was still wearing a winter coat. Zaanse Schans is a beautifully preserved, traditional Dutch village with several working windmills.  It’s just a quick train trip north of Amsterdam, and a short walk from the station- where you’ll get a nice view of the windmills and old dutch houses from afar.

Our first stop with THE original Albert Heijn- the much loved supermarket chain in The Netherlands.  This may or may not be why I went to Zaanse Schans in the first place.  Okay, it was.  But sadly it was closed until summer.  I’ll definitely be making a trip back to fully experience this Dutch, cultural icon.

After we recovered from the loss of not being able to see where Albert got his start, we wandered the town a bit and cooed over the quaintness.

This place is seriously cute.  I should also note that there were absolutely no cars driving through the village.  It really sets you back in time a bit.

 We started our rounds of the litte shops.  Like I said there are several working windmills in the village, which meant lots of home made chocolate, bread, cheese, and spices.  There was even a super cute clog shop.  An artisans paradise!

Despite it being quite cold and rainy (I wish I could say that much has changed!) we had a great time stepping back in time and exploring this ever so Dutch village.  I leave you with a nice shot of some windmills as well as a photo that turned to be well suited for my senior yearbook.

I hope you all are well.  I know it’s been a while (again) so I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  And perhaps we’ll see more of one another in the future!

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