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Lisbon Part Two

April 2, 2012

Day two of our little beach holiday meant stepping out of Lisbon for a bit.  We boarded a tram to Belem, about 20 minutes southwest of Lisbon.

Our first stop was at the Monastery of St Vincent- a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture, founded in 1147 (i.e.- really freaking old).  I couldn’t stop taking pictures.  It was somber, straight lined, and structured on the inside yet light, airy, and embellished when you stepped out to the courtyard.

I didn’t want to overload you with photos (apparently there’s a limit to the amount of photos of monasteries the public prefers to consumes. Strange), but it was painful deciding which to include and which to leave off.  But we have to kill our darlings, right?  If you want to see more, and seriously these photos are begging to be seen, I’ll posting them to Facebook.  If we’re not friends on Facebook, why don’t we change that!
Okay, gratituious self-promotion over.
After the monastery, we crossed the street to a statue that was built to honor the discovers that came from Portugal… I think?  I honestly don’t know much about the monument, other than that it was big and really really neat.

 Our final stop was another feast for my camera.  The Tour de Belem (Tower of Belem) can be found a few kilometers down the shore line from the discoverer’s monument.  It’s a bit romantic, the way loneliness and the sea can be.  It stands in the water, solitary and ornate.   It’s not difficult to imagine young sailors lost to the sea, their loves left behind, waiting for their return.

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  1. April 2, 2012 2:25 pm

    See, I told you that you were waiting for your love to come back to you, across the sea. *sigh*

  2. April 19, 2012 9:43 am

    The tower does give off a sad vibe. But the photo you took of its ramparts is beautiful. 🙂

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