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October 23, 2011

There’s just something about mail.  It could be a card, a hand written letter, or boxes full of hilarious, slightly random, and hand-picked items with the ability to cast away homesickness as easily as pealing away packing tape (which isn’t always that easy actually.  Bad metaphor).

I feel so lucky and loved to be getting such wonderful packages from my family, that I thought they deserved recognition here.  The stuff they sent was just so great I had to share with you all.

My aunts, Joan and Jennifer, sent me a package full of the most ridiculous things, I was laughing harder and harder with every item I pulled out.  Here’s just a few.  I swear, that box was never ending.  The minute you think, “Surely the smiley face spatulas must be the end,” you find a lego man and soup thermos.

They also sent me a photo album full of family pictures.  I have to be honest, it made me tear up a little.  It was such a thoughtful gift and exactly what I needed.  And finally, there’s the fabulous outfit they sent- a sweater, gloves, and scarf.  I love it!

My sweet sweet mom and dad sent me a package as well.  Halloween isn’t a big deal in Europe, so I was super excited to open the box and find it over flowing with Halloween candy.  I think the boys appreciated it too! There was an iTunes gift card in there too.  I haven’t bought music in so long, I need some suggestions.  If you have any, leave them in the comments!

They also sent my favorite gloves I forgot to pack.  Remember my post about comfort?  Those gloves are exactly what I’m talking about- something simple and familiar that, when everything feels so different, can bring you back to the familiar.  So thank you to my aunts and my parents for sending such amazing packages.  It’s not so much the “stuff” that made my day, it’s the thought and care you guys put into the packages that really gave me the warm fuzzies 🙂

And on a final, less cheesy note, when I got back from Belgium on Wednesday there was a note saying a package came while we were gone.  Another one?  Y’all are crazy.  But to who ever sent it, I’m going to pick it up tomorrow.  And if the post office sent it back to you, I am SO incredibly sorry!  I’ll keep those fingers crossed and plead in my best Dutch for them to give it to me (I really only know how to say “lekker” and “tree house,” but with the right inflection, I think the point will get across).

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  1. Lynne White permalink
    October 24, 2011 3:49 pm

    Fantastic post, Sarah Jean. We saw Girl With the Pearl Earring on Friday night and thought you were the star. Or, Scarlett Johansson sure looks like you. With the Aunts being so creative, I guess I have to amp up my shopping.

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