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Winter’s Preface

October 8, 2011

Fallen leaves in Haarlem. And my foot.

My summer in Portland was mostly rain, punctuated with a few glorious weeks of sun before I left.  The first few days in Holland were mostly sunny, and then the rain came.  I was still feeling the effects of a very soggy year in Oregon.  And being a Vitamin D dependant gal, I was a little worried that those few warm weeks in Portland, spent mostly in rivers and patios, would be the only sunlight I’d see until May.

Luckily, fall in Amsterdam has come around nicely.  I can’t think of a better place to spend this season.  Yellow leaves resting gently on top of canal water, European women wrapping themselves with delicate scarves, and a cup of coffee providing warmth and comfort rather than just a caffeine jolt.  The color juxtopositions are amazing too.  A lot of the green has held out, probably because of the humidity, and the yellows and reds create a stark contrast that I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures during some of my adventuring around the country.

A pretty fall patio set up in Haarlem

An autumn bike ride in the Harfsen countryside

A Haarlem canal, perfectly poised and ready for the change of seasons

Noah and Alex helped me out with a little photo shoot as well.  Who doesn’t like playing in a pile of leaves in September?

I love change, which is probably why spring and fall are favorite seasons (and also why I keep moving across countries and oceans).  I appreciate autumn- it’s a conditioning, a way to ease us into the harshness of winter.  Like the meteorological gods decided to take pity on us.

But the change in seasons also creates a shift in my perspective.  The change in color, light, and even temperature remind me that I, too, am in constant change.  My light and color change continuously too.  It’s always during this transitionary season that I start to reevaluate things- am I working towards attainable goals, am I pursuing things that make me flourish, am I living a good story?  And for once, I’m actually happy with where I’m at, and where I’m going.  The past year helped me see a lot of who I am and why, as well as who I want to grow to become.  It was a little tumultuous.  But my time in Amsterdam has been peaceful, the way autumn quietly follows the high volume of summer.  I’m enjoying just being present in the moment here, and am appreciating the beauty of change, the beauty of autumn.

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  1. Lynne White permalink
    October 9, 2011 5:01 pm

    Hi Sarah, thank you so much for this beautiful commentary. Scott and I are just so excited about your travels and life adventure. Enjoy, enjoy!

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